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Documents in Native Languages

Below are documents of religious importance from various American Indian cultures in their native languages (with translations in English or Spanish).

Ancient Mayan (Kiche) Text and Codices

Interlinear Popol Vuh

Kiche Dictionary

Dresden Codex


Ayvu Rapyta
Selections from the work by León Cadogan.  I am still transcribing this book into PDFs but have completed several of the chapters already.

Mitos de los Apapokúva Guaraní
Text in guaraní and spanish as recorded by Curt Nimuendajú.


Navajo Origin

Navajo Myths, Prayers and Songs

Tohono O’odham (Papago)

Selections from O’othham Hoho’ok A’agitha: Legends and Lore of the Papago and Pima Indians by Dean and Lucille Saxton

Mash Has Masma Ha’ichu e Nahto (How Things Were Made)

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